ShipHello can ship your international cargo and freight. Using a bidding process, we connect you with our world-class and vetted freight-forwarders. You can select the best bid for your shipment based on your needs and requirements.

The process works as follows:

  1. Post your bid on ShipHello
  2. Wait for bids to come in – typically it takes 24 hours to receive most of the quotes
  3. Select the best bid for your shipment based on transit time and cost
  4. Pay ShipHello for your shipment – we keep this money in escrow until shipment has been delivered
  5. On payment is received, we will introduce you to the freight-forwarder to work out the details like pickup window and customs documentation
  6. Follow your shipment using our tracking
  7. On delivery, we will request your acknowledgement to release the payment to freight-forwarder

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