By having access to many freight-forwarders ShipHello can get you better in-market prices than by going direct to a freight-forwarder. The available shipment capacity at a freight-forwarder fluctuates over time and impacts your pricing. You pay more when capacity is tight. Shiphello enables you to find the most affordable and best solution for your shipment every time.

ShipHello also provides piece of mind that your shipment gets the attention it deserves. We take great pride that every shipment reaches its destination on-time in good order. By keeping your payment in escrow, we give you piece of mind that you get what you pay for.

Shiphello’s platform allows you to keep track of many shipments with up-to-date info during each leg of the journey. You can get insight into your shipments at any moment without waiting on communication from your forwarder.

The Shiphello team has many years of experience in the freight-forwarding business and has your back when doing business with us.

If you would like to have more info, please contact us.