ShipHello can fill your international shipment capacity. When relevant shipments are posted to the platform, we will invite you to quote them.

The process as follows:

  • Customer request a quote for a freight shipment
  • ShipHello will invite you to quote the shipment based on your capabilities
  • You can review the quote request and create a quote if you have capacity
  • The customer will review all the quotes and select the quote which suits their needs
  • You will receive a notification when your quote is selected
  • The customer is invited to pay for the shipment. ShipHello will keep this payment in escrow until delivery.
  • When payment is received, we will introduce you to the customer for arranging the details of the shipment.
  • During the shipment process, we ask you to the update our tracking system with the relevant details of the shipment
  • On delivery, we ask the customer for confirmation.
  • On confirmation, we will release the escrow payment to you. We pay you within a few days after confirmation.

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