Service Agreement

This agreement was last updated on July 1, 2022.

By using you are entering agreement between ShipHello Inc., a Delaware company, doing business as “ShipHello” and you. The agreement covers your use of ShipHello’s website and services. You agree and accept the terms & conditions of ShipHello by using the website, tools, platform, and agree to be bound by all of its terms. Individuals that access and use the ShipHello platform on behalf of a company/employer, “you” and “your” will refer to that company unless we specify you as an individual. If you do not approve of our terms & conditions, please kindly exit our website.


We may modify this Agreement at any time at our own discretion. Any modification will be posted on this site. Please review changes on a regular basis and if any are unacceptable, please be sure to let us know. If you would like to terminate your relationship with us, please also let us know.


Upon accepting a quote, ShipHello is creating a “Booking” on your behalf, which is a legally binding agreement between you and the Seller who provided that quote. Sellers, not ShipHello, are responsible for Bookings and performing their promised logistics services. As a Buyer, you agree to accept any terms & conditions that the Seller imposes. You also agree that you, and not ShipHello, is responsible for performing the Buyer’s obligations of the Booking and any other contracts with Sellers.


ShipHello is a platform that allows Buyers to post their shipments and receive quotes from various Sellers. ShipHello is not a Seller and we do not provide any sort of freight services. We are not obliged to do background checks on Sellers, but we do so on a discretionary basis. The reviews on our website are only there to assist Buyers in choosing their logistics providers but Buyers need to understand that there is no guarantee that the reviews are accurate. All Buyers should do their own due diligence on the Sellers prior to tendering a shipment with that said Seller.


Any disputes between the buyer and the seller should be communicated directly with each other. If the buyer and the seller are unable to come to agreement, then each can reach out to ShipHello and make a formal complaint and we will assist in helping to resolve the differences. By using ShipHello’s platform, you agree that any liability or legal proceedings will always be between the Seller and the Buyer. You also agree to not put any liability on ShipHello, or seek any legal remedy from ShipHello regarding actions or omissions.


By using ShipHello, you agree to pay the Seller what is owed according to the quote. You also agree to provide documentation, reliable and accurate information in order for the Seller to be able to do their work in a timely fashion that will not incur any additional charges. Quotes will be provided by the Seller based on the Buyers given shipment details.

  • If the piece count, weight, dims, or anything else changes from the time of the quote request, then rates may change based on the changes.
  • Any detention (wait time) that occurs due to the shipper or receiver, additional charges may apply.
  • All bookings are subject to space & equipment availability
  • All cargo is subject to screening before/after shipping
  • All shipments are subject to weight or measure (whichever is greater)
  • Destination, Customs, Duty & Insurance fees are not included unless otherwise specified.
  • All Shippers must advise if shipments require a license to export/import.
  • All shippers confirm that what they are shipping is a legal transaction


In order to make our platforms safe for all parties, if we have any reason to suspect abuse or any breach of this agreement, we may terminate your account at any time at our own discretion and will only provide notice if we feel it is reasonable. If you want to cancel your account, feel free to reach out and email us with your written notice.